1602 Computational Geomechanics

  • Jinhyun Choo, The University of Hong Kong/KAIST
  • José Andrade
  • Chloé Arson
  • Ronaldo Borja
  • Richard Regueiro
  • WaiChing Sun
  • Jidong Zhao

Geomaterials such as soils, rocks, and concrete are porous granular materials that show a wide range of distinct characteristics in their mechanical behavior. Computational modeling of these geomaterials plays a pivotal role in many engineering practices related to civil infrastructure, energy, and the environment. This mini-symposium is intended to provide a forum for presentation and discussion of recent advances in computational approaches to geomechanics. Contributions are solicited in, but not restricted to, the following topic areas: (1) development, implementation, and validation of constitutive models for geomaterials, (2) computational methods and algorithms for coupled poromechanics and other multi-physics problems, (3) granular mechanics and other micromechanics approaches to geomaterials, (4) multiscale modeling techniques, (5) meshfree methods for large deformation problems, (6) numerical modeling of fracture and damage processes, (7) uncertainty quantification and probabilistic methods, and (8) data-driven/machine-learning methods for geomechanics.

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