0708 New trends in modeling and simulation of compressible multi-material and multi-phase flows

  • Rémi Abgrall
  • Raphael Loubere, Cnrs Math Institute of Bordeaux, France
  • Pierre-Henri Maire
  • Mikhail Shashkov
  • Feng Xiao

This mini-symposium (MS) aims at gathering researchers working on numerical methods for the simulation of compressible flows. We aim at pushing forward the state-of-the-art of simulation schemes focusing on the field of multi-phase and multi-material flow problems involving shocks and large jumps.

Researchers from academic and/or national laboratory institutions will focus their discussions on relevant numerical methods, including the analysis of such methods as well as the modeling of complex multi-material or multi-phase flows, which is essential for the investigation and development of new sources of energy, including inertial confinement fusion for instance. Any type of numerical methods would be welcome, Finite Volume, Differences, Discontinuous Galerkin, Residual Distributive, etc.

The key words of this MS are to be found within the following non-exhaustive list:
Lagrangian hydrodynamics, Arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian (ALE) methods, Eulerian and diffuse interface methods, Multi-material diffusion, Interface reconstruction methods, Multi-phase flows, Remapping, Mesh rezoning, Advanced discretization methods, High-order nonlinear methods, constitutive models.

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