1104 Deformation Analysis of Carbon Nanomaterial with Lattice Defects

  • Yi-Lun Liu
  • Jin-Xing Shi
  • Xiao-Wen Lei, University of Fukui

Lattice defects are often observed in carbon nano-material such as carbon nanotube (CNT) and graphene sheet (GS) with hexagonal lattice structure. The lattice defects with pentagons or heptagons lattice play an important role in the mechanical properties and electronic properties of nano-carbon materials, due to the lattice defect can induce out-of-plane deformation as an eigen deformation mode with inherent spontaneous curvature. Meanwhile, the lattice defects with hierarchy can be considered as dislocation, disclination, dislocation array, disclination dipole, grain boundary and so on. The deformation of the carbon nano-material due to different lattice defect with atomic position and configuration generate complex stress distribution and strain energy distribution. And most important, the deformation caused by lattice defects may control the special mechanical properties of nano-carbon materials, such as high toughness, negative passion' s ratio and so on. In this mini-symposium, we can discuss the deformation analysis by theoretical calculation, simulation and experiment methods.

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