0313 Novel Modeling Strategies for Mechatronic Systems

  • Florian Toth, TU Wien
  • Manfred Kaltenbacher, TU Graz

The importance of mechatronic systems for industry and society is made evident by the fact that mechatronic systems have become common place in our daily lives. Ongoing innovation in the field raises the demand for accurate models used in the design process of ever more complex mechatronic systems. Here we face some challenges: Usually several physical fields and their often complex interactions need to be taken into account, ongoing miniaturization of mechatronic devices makes it necessary to consider different length scales.

Most of these challenges are addressed by employing numerical simulation. The aim of this mini-symposium is to highlight novel developments in the numeric simulation of mechatronic systems. This may include hysteresis models for piezoelectric systems, finite element schemes for coupled field problems, harmonic balance FEM methods, and many more.

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