0926 Non-uniqueness, instability and wrinkling of thin-walled solids in finite strains

  • Pedro Areias, Instituto Superior Técnico, University of Lisbon
  • Nuno Silvestre, Instituto Superior Técnico, University of Lisbon

Uniqueness of solutions, bifurcations and instability manifestations in thin-walled solids and structures have been long-standing research subjects. Recently reported instabilities in solids and structures of several topics of biomechanics, solar sailing, coatings and many other demanding applications have resurrected interest in particular problems and dedicated algorithms. Specifically, soft substrates, hard substrates, decohesion from substrates, fracture of thin films, as well as nanoscale/microscale applications, have all revived the interest in this theme. Wrinkles in manufacturing processes are still a source of problems for researchers and practitioners. Certain localized instability problems are related to constitutive behavior, as is the case of strain softening and are of interest to most researchers in Computational Mechanics. Scope encompasses specific problems with numerical studies, specialized algorithms, theoretical developments on uniqueness and stability as well as experiments, are all of interest. Multi-physics as well as coupled problems are also very relevant and topics such as stability in FSI problems with thin walled structures are within scope. With this mini-symposium, a wide audience is expected to present the recent advances in modelling, simulating and discussing these phenomena.

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