0310 Advances in phase-field modelling and simulation

  • Akinori Yamanaka, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
  • Tomohiro Takaki, Kyoto Institute of Technology
  • Yuhki Tsukada, Nagoya University

Phase-field method is recognized as one of the most powerful numerical methods for free boundary problems. Therefore, the phase-field method has been employed for various numerical simulations such as microstructure evolutions in materials, crack propagation, fluid dynamics, corrosion, and topology optimization. Furthermore, the phase-field modelling will continue to develop by coupling with data sciences (e.g., Bayesian inferences and gaussian process modelling) and machine learning techniques (e.g., deep learning using neural network). This mini-symposium focuses on the state of the art in the phase-field modeling and simulation. In this mini-symposium, we would like to discuss current issues and future perspectives in the phase-field modelling and simulation. We welcome abstracts of various studies on the phase-field modelling and its related topics including the first principal calculation, and molecular dynamics simulation. We also expect that synergy between the phase-field modeling and the machine learning will be covered.

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