0736 Numerical models with free boundaries and interfaces

  • Maxim Olshanskii, University Of Houston
  • Annalisa Quaini, University of Houston
  • Steven Wise, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Many problems in engineering and life sciences require the numerical solution of multi-domain and multi-physics problems with interfaces. Numerical modelling of such problems features several challenging aspects such as the presence of one or more sharp interfaces that might evolve or undergo topological transitions. Another critical aspect is the presence of interfacial forces that drive one or more physical variables to be discontinuous across the interface(s). Finally, lack of robustness of discretizations and algebraic solvers may arise in certain physical regimes.

This mini-symposium will focus on the numerical schemes that allow to overcome the challenges of problems with free boundaries and interfaces. The topics will include modeling, analysis, and discussion of related numerical aspects such as stabilization, preconditioning, adaptivity, implementation, and the efficient solution of complex applications.

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