0325 Multiphase flows: experiments, simulations, and modeling

  • Fu-Ling Yang, National Taiwan University
  • Shu-San Hsiau, National Central University

A multiphase flow is the simultaneous motion of materials of different phases in discrete or continuous formation and such flow appears in a wide range of industrial and natural flow processes, and biomedical applications. The desire for flow prediction and control has boosted research on understanding and modeling these flows. Unlike single-phase fluids, the multiphasic mixture can exhibit complex behaviors, including yielding stress, non-Newtonian rheology, hysteresis, formation of mesoscopic structure, boundary slip, interfacial instability, and many other peculiar phenomena.

These rich behaviors result from complex interactions between discrete constituents and the bulk solvent. An elemental- or a continuum-level investigation using experiments and simulation can provide valuable information for the transport processes between different microscopic modes and the self-evolving mesoscopic structure. Formulating a model taking into account these intrinsically multi-scale processes is challenging yet intriguing.

Hence, this mini-symposium invites frontier research on flow physics, phenomenon, bulk constitutive relations, and boundary conditions via computer simulations, experiments, or theoretical analysis. Novel experimental methods and numerical schemes are also welcome together with the development of a theoretical framework.

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