0917 Origami engineering aided by computational mechanics

  • Ichiro Hagiwara, Meiji University
  • Arzu Sorguç

Due to the remarkable progress of measurement technology, the current interest in science and technology is expanding to the extremes of micro and macro, such as ultra-micro origami robots that clean the inside of blood vessels and huge solar sails that use the expansion and contraction function of origami. In such extreme areas, there is no concept of manufacturing equipment, and there is no effective method other than self-folding, which plays the role of manufacturing equipment. Therefore, the number of cases expected for the expansion and contraction function of the origami structure is increasing. Since the origami structure has excellent characteristics such as being light, rigid, and expandable and contractible, great innovation is expected by the industrialization making use of origami structure. But on the other hand, the origami structure is more complicated than the general structure, so it is not easy to manufacture cheaply or maximize its function. In this MS, we will discuss attempts to use computational mechanics and successful examples to solve this problem.

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