0119 Ductile-Fracture Modeling and Simulation

  • Kazutake Komori, Daido University

Ductile fracture results from void nucleation, growth, and coalescence at the microscopic level. Several studies have been reported on ductile fracture, both in structural and forming analyses. This mini-symposium focuses on recent advances in the modeling and simulation of ductile fracture phenomena in various fields. Modeling and simulation using the finite-element method, molecular dynamics, peridynamics, and phase-field method will be discussed. Ductile fracture models validated using experimental methods, such as X-ray tomography and scanning electron microscopy, are also encouraged. The results of both fundamental and applied studies are welcomed. Keywords of interest include but are not limited to void nucleation, growth, and coalescence, crack initiation, and propagation, representative volume element, and Gurson model.

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