1212 Mechanical metamaterials for structural seismic protection

  • Oscar Begambre, Universidad Industrial De Santander-colombia
  • Jesús García, Universidade Federal de Itajuba-Brazil

This Mini Symposium (MS) aims to open a wide forum to discuss state-of-the-art developments and applications of mechanical metamaterials (MMS) in seismic protection. Presentation of theoretical and numerical research of new devices and systems, that help to minimize structural seismic vulnerability, based on MMS are welcome. Recently, metaconcrete, seismic barriers, band gap and isolation devices, among others, have been emerged as a new paradigm in vibration control. This innovative approach promises high levels of control and efficiency protecting live and property. The MS will be focused in the following topics:
Design of seismic MMS by Topology optimization.
Distributed tuned mass dampers based on MMS
Pentamode MMS bearings.
Nonlinear analysis of seismic MMS.
Auxteic MMS damping devices.
Soil seismic MMS.
Seismic isolation using band gaps devices.
On board passive, active, hybrid and semi-active protection systems based on MMS.
Buried mass resonators.
Control of internal forces and deformation paths.
Seismic wave propagation control
MMs with buckling and snapping

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